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The Transcontinental Race (TCR) is the definitive self-supported bike race existing in a category all its own. Vastly different than races and tours most cycling fans have grown accustomed to, TCR is a grueling, ultra-endurance race spanning 6 countries and around 4,000km.

Photographer Daniel Beronda s a resident of Puebla, Mexico, which was the epicenter of a 7.1-magnitude earthquake that struck central Mexico on September 19th. Below Daniel recounts his experience during the earthquake and what it was like photographing the city following this tragic event.

Located on the northern coast of Chile, the Atacama desert holds a terrain filled with stony structures, salt lakes, and felsic lava creating an otherworldly landscape. See how traveler and photographer Marta Mota captures the stunning scenery of the driest desert in the world. We asked Marta a few questions about her time there.

Returning to India for the eighth time, Dhyan Dejan Cirkvencic finds himself continually drawn to the country's vibrant colors, rich cultural heritage, and simplicity of life.

Equipped with a simple 35mm camera, Daniel Beronda is an astute purveyor of the culturally rich scenes around Puebla, Mexico. Known for its vibrant culinary heritage, colorful architecture, and ancient traditions, this city has a lot to offer photographers. 

The cool tones and thoughtful compositions by photographer Mel Picardal create instant wanderlust for quiet temples and serene mountain villages. Below Mel gives insight into Kyoto during the winter.


A series of videos and images by photographers from around the world, documenting the cities they call home.

Archaeologist and photographer Alexis Efstathopoulos gives a personal and honest look into the daily scenes around his hometown of Athens, Greece.

Photographer Jón Bjarni Hjartarson spends the majority of his spare time exploring the streets of Copenhagen, talking to and photographing the people of his city with a genuine interest in sharing their stories.  Jón gives an intimate glimpse into a typical day of living in and photographing this beautiful city and it's many personalities.

Artist and photographer Polly Alderton documents her day-to-day life with honesty and simplicity, quietly reminding all of the importance of family and place.

Currently residing in Beirut, photographer Yumna Al-Arashi gives an intimate glimpse into the everyday moments that make up 12 hours in the capital of Lebanon.


There is always more to a photographer than what they shoot professionally. In addition to their paid work, many artists have personal projects and explore various styles of expression. In the case of photographer Dan Root, who specializes in capturing the lifestyle, culture, and action of sports photography, his personal work and the images he shares on his VSCO show a decidedly different side to this seasoned photographer. We interviewed Dan Root about his 30 year career in photography, how he got his start, and how he stays inspired.

Rosie Ubacher is a Canadian, Austrian, and Filipina travel and documentary photographer based in Berlin and Salzburg. When we stumbled upon her work we were instantly drawn to her stunning compositions, fresh perspectives, and a strong bent toward everyday moments.

Much of life is wrapped up in repetition and is experienced as either drudgery or a path to mastery. No matter how hard we try, we can't seem to avoid it, but what happens when repetition is embraced and applied to our creative pursuits? Tan-tan of Common Objects has chosen repetition as a way to grow and joined Elle Luna along with thousands of other creatives on the #The100DayProject, which started on April 4th and will end on July 10th. The purpose of this global art project is to collectively repeat a desired action, develop discipline, and hone ones skill of their choosing.

Choosing a career can be tricky business for creatives, often involving a mix of passions, hobbies, and the need to make a living. With this combination, along with many other factors, our careers as creatives can often be a meandering trail through various jobs in different fields. For Ilenia Martini she has developed a strong aesthetic and a distinct knack for creative direction over the last 10 years through a variety of jobs and roles.


A magically tranquil building and a powerful use of simple materials, the Salk Institute is an architectural masterpiece that transports all who enter into a profound and peaceful experience of minimalist architecture.

A reflection on the famed architect Le Corbusier by Hayden Worsfold. Image by the VSCO community. 

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